About Finbar Goes East

FGE is a data provider and solutions development company that was created to provide affordable, customized data and analytics to both professional and youth sport organizations of all sizes throughout the world, regardless of wherever they may be in their journey.


As a commitment to sports and its impact in the community from the non profit youth sports organizations to the Major League teams representing their respective areas, FGE is committed to helping teams and organizations expand, grow, and be successful in their goals.


Sport statistics have been around since the early days of professional sport teams.  These statistics have always provided valuable insights to what a team is good at, how they compare to their competitors going into a game and provides insight to their team players and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Professional sport teams are realizing there is more to the business side of statistics than just player and game information.  Technology today can make collecting and analyzing these stats easier than ever, however we can now push this further to enable organizations to make important business decisions by having a significantly better understanding of your fan base and the factors that affect their choices.