James Baxter Personal Training


JB Personal Training

James is a personal trainer and amateur boxer based out of the East End of London. After exploring the regular corporate paths most personal trainers take, James quickly concluded that he was limited by unwarranted restrictions and therefore decided to run his own gym his way.

JBPT is run out of a unique space, utilizing everything from beer barrels to tires, mixed in with conventional equipment and high intensity boxing cardio routines. The results he achieves for his clients are .

Finbar Goes East has been working with James Baxter PT since April 2018, using data and analytics to gain extra insights both in and out of the gym.

We are now extremely proud to announce that in addition to this work, Finbar Goes East are going to be sponsors of James Baxter as he continues his advancement in Amateur boxing. Having the FGE logo on his shorts is a rare opportunity and is in keeping with the philanthropic side of FGE as James enters the ring as part of a charity event to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

For details of the event, please visit The DT38 Foundation, a charity dedicated to “Raising awareness of testicular cancer to save lives”