Ticket Sales & Revenue

Enhance your revenue by understanding how your customers spend on tickets, merchandise and concessions. FGE helps determine what factors affect the decisions customers make and how to take advantage of them.

Social and Broadcast Media

Broadcast and social media offers reaction, sentiment and engagement which can be utilized to track in-game activity, game to game response and season over season monitoring.

Campaign Tracking

Tracking campaign effectiveness enables more focused and effective spending. Helping understand campaign effectiveness leads to a better overall strategy both short and long term.

In-Game Player Analytics

Delivering more player analytics for coaches, managers and executives.  Provide player injury reduction information, help identify in-game opportunity, and identify revenue opportunities for the organization.

Non-Profit and Youth Sports Analytics Basic Service

Many smaller organizations struggle to understand their progress and trends year over year. FGE offers assistance and the creation of self-service analytics for drastically reduced or even zero cost. Helping youth teams, sports programs, and competitive events by encouraging sport participation, understanding retention and team growth is the biggest investment any of us can make to our future.


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